23 March - 1 April 2021

Progressive Collaboration and Innovative Solutions: Shaping the Future of Energy

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Registration Fee

Category Fee Per Person
Member USD 295
Non-Member USD 345
Members in Transition USD 50


Access to On-Demand Content

  • Available from 2 April to 1 July 2021.
  • Conference: Opening, Executive Plenary, IPTC Insights, Panel, Technical, Ask the Expert and Closing Sessions;
  • Sponsored Seminars;
  • Knowledge Sharing ePoster Sessions;
  • Exhibition and Booth Seminars;
  • Digital Briefcase; and
  • Conference Digital Proceedings.

Member Rate

To entitle for member rates, Participant MUST provide membership number from one of the following professional associations.

  • AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
  • SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Members in Transition

  1. Registration grant programme for members of IPTC’s Sponsoring Societies affected by continuing oil price volatility and resulting retrenchments.
  2. Opportunity for these impacted professional members to keep current on issues and technologies, as well as maintain and build professional network.
  3. Professionals who qualify for the Members in Transition Grant will be entitled to register to view IPTC 2021 on-demand.
  4. Criteria:
    • “Members in Transition” is defined as a former employee of a company within the oil and gas sector that has become unemployed within the last 12 months.
    • Applicant must be a member of one of IPTC’s Sponsoring Societies.
    • Applicant must provide their membership number at registration for verification.
    • IPTC reserves the right to deny access to individuals at its own discretion.
  5. Please note that this programme would run via honour system.

Registration Terms & Conditions

By registering for this virtual event, you consent to allow IPTC to store and process the information submitted and to provide you with information about this virtual event in accordance to IPTC Privacy Policy; and accept the Registration Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending your request to iptc@iptcnet.org.

Registration Fee

  • Registration for this virtual event is personal to you. Viewing and materials may not be shared with non-registered individuals without express consent from IPTC.
  • Each participant is limited to maximum of one (1) device to access/login into the virtual event.
  • Registration is non-transferable without written notification to IPTC.
  • Registration of participation will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment or an acceptable employer’s letter of guarantee.
  • IPTC reserves the right to cancel the registration if no payment is received.
  • Full fee is charged regardless of the length of time the Participant attends the virtual event and cannot be pro-rated.



Fees are made free and clear of, and without any deduction or withholding for and on account of, any taxes, duties or other deductions. Any such deduction or withholding, if required by the laws of any country are the sole responsibility of the Participant.


Cancellation Policy

  • Participants who failed to attend will not be eligible for a refund.


Code of Conduct

  • IPTC is committed to providing a professional, friendly and safe environment for all participants at its events, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or other protected class.
  • This code of conduct outlines the IPTC expectations for all participants, including attendees, speakers, vendors, media, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. Cooperation is expected from everyone, and IPTC will actively enforce this code throughout this event.
  • Participants will be provided with personalised credentials allowing them access to the virtual event. These credentials are personal and non-transferable. Non-registered individuals and minors will not be able to access the virtual event, unless upon prior agreement with IPTC.
  • IPTC expects all event participants to help ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated during any portion of a meeting or event. Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:
  • Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions.
  • Harmful or prejudicial verbal or written comments or visual images related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or other personal characteristics, including those protected by law.
  • Inappropriate contact including via electronic communications.
  • The production or non-consensual sharing of harassing non-consensual photography or unwanted recording, including nudity and/or sexual images in virtual event (in any format, electronic or otherwise).
  • Real or implied threat of professional or financial damage or harm.
  • Inappropriate and sustained disruption of sessions, meetings and/or events.
  • Photographing, video or audio recording of slides, oral or presentations without prior written permission from IPTC.
  • Violating the rules and regulations of the virtual event platform.
  • Cybercrime and dubious online practises include but not limited to phishing, spamming, spoofing and cyberstalking.
  • Inappropriate self-presentation or attire. Business casual dress code is preferred.

       Reporting of harassment and disruptive behaviours can be made to iptc@iptcnet.org.

       Consequences of misconduct may include:

  • Immediate removal from meetings and/or events without warning.
  • Restrictions from future IPTC events.
  • IPTC reserves all rights to take any action to prevent and report violations of the Code of Conduct, including blocking access to IPTC events.  IPTC cannot investigate reports of harassment or other misconduct during the virtual event but will inform the appropriate departments of the accused person’s host institution about any such filed report.



All content contained within the IPTC events is copyrighted either by IPTC or other providers and its capture in any format, use and/or reproduction outside the portal is strictly prohibited without express permission from the content owner(s).


Privacy Policy

  • IPTC cares about the protection of participants’ personal information. IPTC complies with applicable privacy laws, including GDPR, in collecting and processing your data. Participants have control over how much of their personal data is shown to other users for networking purposes. Participants can manage the data in their personal profile within the virtual event platform. The virtual event platform provider processes the data attributed to this event on behalf of IPTC. IPTC collects and processes data for the purposes of fulfilling your registration order, analysing how this platform performs and is used, and marketing for future related IPTC events. All participants maintain the right of erasure and can withdraw their consent at any time. Please see IPTC Privacy Policy for additional information.

  • By engaging with sponsor and exhibitor booths or content, participants are consenting to exhibiting and sponsoring companies having access to the personal data that is public in their personal profile. Participants will need to contact the exhibiting and sponsoring companies regarding their privacy policies and to request erasure.

  • Through the virtual event platform, participants may request to connect, which the receiving participant has the option to accept or decline. The platform’s networking technology also recommends to participants related content and participants who match their interests.

  • For any queries or concerns please contact the events team at iptc@iptcnet.org.


  • IPTC reserves the right to change the speaker(s), date(s) and/or to cancel the virtual event should circumstance beyond its control arises.
  • IPTC will not be liable to Participants for any damages, costs, losses or expenses of any kind incurred or suffered by Participants as a result of or in relation to IPTC modifying, postponing or cancelling the virtual event or any part of the virtual event.

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