23 March - 1 April 2021

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Technical Session 17: Seismic Imaging


TS17 Technical Session 17: Seismic Imaging

Friday, 26 March
Technical Sessions

This session includes abstract only submissions for 21790. Abstract only submissions denote that the author(s) have opted for abstract only submission and these technical papers are not available in the Digital Proceedings.

Shivaji Maitra - CGG
Jesse Baker - ConocoPhillips
  • 1300-1320 21382
    Seismic Data Processing and Depth Imaging for Yingxionglin Complex Structures-Belt in Qaidam Basin, Tibetan Plateau
    Y. Wang, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Co.; C. Tan, Schlumberger China; B. Zhu, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Co.; Y. Tong, Schlumberger China; H. Wang, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Co.; C. Wu, Schlumberger China; Y. Dong, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Co.; R. Li, Schlumberger China
  • 1320-1340 21790
    Multi-Azimuth Imaging in Shallow Water Environment: Case Study in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
    N. Abd Rahman, M. Mohammad Isa, R. Alai, M. Sulaiman, R.M. Simamora, S. Suhairi, M. M Zim, PETRONAS; B. Chowdhury, S. Lee, D. Awang Piut, WesternGeco
  • 1340-1400 21771
    Full Wavefield Redatuming: Accurate Velocity Modelling for Imaging Beneath Complex Overburden
    F. Dzulkefli, K. Xin, A. Ghazali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; Q. Guo, T. Alkhalifah, King Abdullah U. of Science and Technology

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