23 March - 1 April 2021

Progressive Collaboration and Innovative Solutions: Shaping the Future of Energy

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Panel Session 2: Human Capital Dynamics for the Future


Panel Session 2: Human Capital Dynamics for the Future

Friday, 26 March

COVID-19 coupled with global energy transition will have many lasting impacts on the world of work and human capital dynamics. At the onset of the pandemic last year, we witnessed an ‘overnight’ shift to the future of work and organisations accelerated deployment of technology building new online working environments to connect, engage, and collaborate, and most importantly as means to monitor the safety and well-being of its employees. In addition to that, the energy transition has forced oil and gas companies to reassess their business strategies and portfolios, and its implications to their talent mix and capability acquisition and development strategy beyond the traditional oil and gas markets.

While we know some businesses struggled and were forced to close doors, many others were quick to make significant changes due to their readiness and resilience and benefitted from the situation. However, what’s obvious is that the crisis that we’re in today presents a whole new set of opportunities and HR Leaders have a critical role to play in human capital management for the sustainability of their business.

Looking from the lens of long-term business growth and sustainability, organisations today are pivoting their portfolio through innovation, which has provided them the opportunity to redefining end-to-end talent management from the way talent are acquire talents to the way they develop them, and in the way they manage performance to how they are rewarded and compensated, and promote new ways of thinking and working as we collaborate virtually and beyond our traditional partners

The panel discussion titled “Human Capital Dynamics for the Future” is intended to explore the following questions:

  • How are you (HR Leaders) addressing changing dynamics and priorities in the context of human capital management and development (retooling and retraining), and what are you (HR Leaders) thinking about for the future?
  • Everyone’s job is changing, and we should expect that our jobs will be different, and we are going to work in different ways. How have your organisation leveraged technology to make things efficient and give us the ability to do new things in new ways?
  • Diversity and multigenerational workforce are often the secrets to innovation and growth. How have you (HR Leaders) facilitated employees across multigeneration to embrace agile new ways of working?
  • Are we rethinking our traditional operating models to create new sources of revenue and are there new partnership opportunities that could be forged?

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