23 March - 1 April 2021

Progressive Collaboration and Innovative Solutions: Shaping the Future of Energy

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Mubadala Petroleum     Schlumberger

Panel Session 3: Navigating the Future of Gas


Panel Session 3: Navigating the Future of Gas

Tuesday, 30 March

Gas / LNG promises to be the ‘fuel of the future’ as the world energy systems navigate the energy transition. Gas promises to hold one of the keys for the decarbonisation pathway over the next decades as the world transitions to a low carbon system. However, challenges in competitive gas / LNG pricing, lack of infrastructure development in key geographies / countries and regulatory challenges are sometimes constraining gas / LNG to realise its full potential. 

Despite the challenges, technology development and breakthroughs can usher the full promised potential for gas in the near future and support the global decarbonisation agenda. Core technologies such as CNG, LNG bunkering, Hydrogen, CCUS, Small scale LNG as well as gas technologies enabling renewables power, driving industrial efficiency and enabling fuel switching are all in various stages of maturity / deployment. 

In this panel session, we will explore the role of technology and what is needed to usher in the promised world of gas / LNG
•    Which technologies have the greatest potential 
•    Which technologies are companies developing and betting on for the future
•    What type of partnerships would accelerate technology development
•    What type of support is required from governments and regulators to facilitate the development of these technologies


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