23 March - 1 April 2021

Progressive Collaboration and Innovative Solutions: Shaping the Future of Energy

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Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session


EP45 Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session

Tuesday, 23 March
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no specific slot/session for ePoster presentation. All ePoster pre-recorded Voice over PowerPoint (VoPPT) will be available for viewing throughout the entire duration of the virtual conference and on-demand. There is no live Q&A session for ePoster presentation.
  • 1545-1615 21773
    Drilling Across A Highly Unstable Zone In An Exploratory Well In South Mexico
    M.A. Cardenas, Schlumberger IPM-WCI; A.G. Martinez, M. Hernandez, Schlumberger, SIS; O. Luna, Schlumberger, BDT; R.O. Cano, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company; E.J. Rodriguez, Schlumberger IPM-SPM
  • 1545-1615 21818
    Material Selection And Corrosion Rate Analysis For Co2 Injection Well: A Case Study Of K1 Field Co2 Sequestration Project
    M.B. Abu Bakar, W. W Mohamad, M. Moh Wahi, M. Bin Ebining Amir, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21266
    Closed Loop Nitrified Foam Mpd Delivers Unprecedented Drilling Performance In A Mature Sour Gas Field In Pakistan
    A. Khalid, Q. Ashraf, K. Luqman, A. Hadj-Moussa, Weatherford International Ltd; A. Ghulam Nabi, F. Bari Khan, M. Azhar Khan, Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  • 1545-1615 21393
    E-line Powered Mechanical Tool Technologies Provide Efficient, Reduced Risk Solutions In Complex Intervention Operations
    G.M. Kalwar, Saudi Aramco; S. Hamid, Saudi Aramco SAOO; S. Kishore, Schlumberger; A. Aljughayman, Saudi Aramco; N. Sabrey Abulhamayel, Saudi Aramco SAOO; N.F. Qahtani, Saudi Aramco
  • 1545-1615 21321
    Downhole Sludge: Formation, Characterization and removal
    A.A. Al-Taq, A.M. Al Moajil, S.S. Aldarweesh, H. Abbas, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1545-1615 21482
    Horizontal Well Drilling And Geosteering Optimisation With Integrated Innovation Technologies: Case Studies From The World Largest Conglomerate Reservoir In West China
    J. Yu, D. Zhou, B. Zhang, H. Meng, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; T. Li, L. Wang, Y. Wang, F. Wang, C. Wang, C. Chen, Z. Hu, W. Lan, G. Liu, S. Wang, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21434
    A Novel Foamy Well Killing fluid For Low-pressure Gas Reservoirs In Tarim Basin, China
    L. Pan, Sinopec Northwest Petroleum Bureau & Sinopec Key Laboratory for EOR in Fractured Vuggy Reservoirs; H. Liu, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited; W. Long, Sinopec Northwest Petroleum Bureau & Sinopec Key Laboratory for EOR in Fractured Vuggy Reservoirs; J. Li, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); J. Li, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; Q. Liu, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited
  • 1545-1615 21317
    A New Artificial Intelligence Method To Predict Water Flooding Performance In Layered Reservoir
    C. Chen, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd; X. Han, CNOOC Ltd and China University of Petroleum, Beijing; W. Zhang, Y. Zhang, F. Zhou, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd
  • 1545-1615 21458
    The Dusk of MEFS in the Digital Era of Exploration Value Creation
    D. Surovtsev, P. Joshi, M.U. Sethi, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21252
    Intelligent Energy Platform
    M.M. Nomeer, IBM
  • 1545-1615 21348
    The Color Of Energy: The Competition To Be The Energy Of The Future
    H.C. Lau, National U. of Singapore
  • 1545-1615 21431
    Digital Transformation Of Production Allocation And Management For Oil And Gas Field
    H. Zhao, G. Chen, S. Zhang, F. Wang, H. Zhang, M. Li, W. Xu, T. Wu, J. Ren, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Co.
  • 1545-1615 21167
    Magnetic Flux Leakage Data Processing For Casing Inspection: An Inversion Approach
    S. Assous, J. Whetton, M. Bacciarelli, Weatherford
  • 1545-1615 21417
    A New Methodology For Calculating Shut-in Wellbore Pressure In Numerical Reservoir Simulation
    B. Kayode, Saudi Aramco; M. Jamiolahmady (PhD), Heriot Watt U.
  • 1545-1615 21457
    Hybrid Physics-field Data Approach Improves Prediction Of ROP / Drilling Performance Of Sharp And Worn PDC Bits
    G. Zhan, A. Magana-Mora, T.E. Moellendick, Saudi Aramco PE&D; J. Bomidi, Baker Hughes Company; X. Huang, Baker Hughes; M. Bird, Baker Hughes Company
  • 1545-1615 21801
    Light Weight Cement Slurry Tailored With Suspended Beads For Optimum Isolation Of Highly Depleted Reservoirs In Offshore Malaysia: A Case Study
    M. Patil, R. Annamalai, B.C. Tan, Halliburton; A. Kumar, C. Lau, M. Bin Saari, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21419
    Delivering More Fit-for-Purpose Wells With Low Cost Approach At Untapped Area Matured Field - Application Of Cone Concept Statistical Approach
    H. Mohd Yusof, Z. Sulaiman, R. A Halim, N. Ahmad Fauzi, A. Sella Thurai, M. Mahictin, T. Tengku Yahya, F. Muslim, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21246
    Application Of Key Technique In Splitter Wellhead Cementing Enabled Successful And Safe Operations
    C. Lau, A. Kumar, M. Thuzar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21360
    Evaluating Mud Weight Options In Managed Pressure Drilling For Improved Risk Management And Maximised Drilling Advantage
    M. Arathoon, M. Mohd Yusof, M. Mohd Makri, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21429
    Prevention Of Historically Challenging Sustained Casing Pressure From Shallow Gas Through Re-engineered Cement Design And Execution Methodology
    F.S. Ezani, M. Thuzar, A. Kumar, C. Lau, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21374
    Cost and Time Efficient Options of Offshore Wells Plug and Abandonment
    H. Zeinali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; M.A. Tumiran, J. M Ibrahim, I. Iqbar, PETRONAS; F. Osman-Othman, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21487
    Casing While Drilling Application: Changing Mitigation To A Performance
    A. Ruzhnikov, F. Al Hosni, E.G. Echevarria, R. Varela, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21362
    Development And Application Of 140 Mpa Mandrel Casing Head In Ultra-high Pressure Gas Well
    M. Xiong, Oil and Gas Research Inst., PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; J. Xie, H. Liu, J. Zhang, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; W. Liu, PetroChina Pipeline Inspection Technologies Co.Ltd; K. Hu, J. Zhou, X. Xu, L. Ma, M. Zhao, W. Fan, F. Hu, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company
  • 1545-1615 21792
    Saving 2.2 Days From Drilling In Hard Andabrasive Sandstone Formation With Innovative 360 Rolling Diamond Element Bittechnology
    L.V. Ngo, W. Khobchit, T. Teerachotmongkol, M. Zayyan, A. Abbasgholipour, Schlumberger; S. Jiratawaree, T. Tungperachaikul, S. Amranand, A. Soontarerat, Y. Akeratchataphun, A. Udomsak, A. Chantimapong, PTTEP
  • 1545-1615 21407
    Handling High-intensity Brine Influxes Using Flow-while-drilling (fwd) Techniques In A Salt Formation In Chinarevskoye Field
    A.K. Aidoo, V. Zenzin, Y.M. Kropochev, K. Akulov, E. Vitvitskiy, A.A. Arystan, E.C. Juchiac, P. Palten, Nostrum Oil & Gas plc; Y. Amanbayev, T. Higginson, D. Amangeldiyeva, A. Aliyeva, Weatherford
  • 1545-1615 21190
    Research And Application Of High Efficiency Drilling Technology In Condensate Gas Field In Bohai Oilfield
    P. Dou, X. Zhang, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch; G. Cui, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch ; T. Xie, G. Zhu, H. Huo, B. Tang, H. Lin, H. Wang, X. Han, H. Liu, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21357
    Technology For Determining The Inflow From Near And Far Zones Offractures During Hydraulic Fracturing By Chemical Tracers In A Production Well
    M. Filev, V. Soldatov, JSC NK Kondaneft; I. Novikov, J. Xu, K. Ovchinnikov, A. Belova, A. Drobot, GeoSplit LLC
  • 1545-1615 21774
    Technology Screening Studies And Integrated Solution For Offshore High Mercury Gas Field
    A. Alias, T. Tg Mat, T. Kiin Yiin, K. Ghazali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; M. A Hamid, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd; M. Myo Thant, S. Shaffee, M. C Daud, M. Rafeen, A. Hassan, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21271
    Research On Plugging Mechanism And Optimisation Of Plug Removal Measure Of Polymer Flooding Response Well In Bohai Oilfield
    H. Chen, Y. Wang, M. Pang, T. Fang, S. Zhao, Z. Wang, Y. Zhou, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21387
    An Innovative Approach to P&A Barrier Verification And Cement Plug Placement Utilising In-situ Completion Strings: A Case Study
    A. Imrie, A. Kamaludin, Halliburton; A. Hood, A. Agnew, Chrysaor
  • 1545-1615 21361
    Rheology and Dynamic Filtration of Foam Fracturing Fluid Enhanced by Cellulose Nanofibrils
    Q. Lv, T. Zhou, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; Z. Xing, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company; Y. Luan, Z. Dong, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21437
    Connecting The Dots: Creating Values In Wells Operation Through Collaboration And Innovation In Product Chemistry
    T. Patma Nesan, M. Abdul Razak, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; L. Devadass, PETRONAS; M. M Saleh, N. Khairi, PETRONAS Chemical Sdn Bhd
  • 1545-1615 21305
    Digital Oil Model Development and Verification
    V.Y. Hon, I. M Saaid, I.C. Chai, N.A. Mohd Fauzi, PETRONAS; E. Deguillard, J. van Male, J.W. Handgraaf, Culgi
  • 1545-1615 21265
    The Concept Of Need For A Downhole Scale Inspection Tool: An Appraisal For An Emerging Technology In Scale Management
    M. Zoveidavianpoor, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; E. Rosland, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; P. Laakkonen, Rocsole Ltd; S.A. Aryana, U. of Wyoming; M. Jaafar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; J. M Ibrahim, PETRONAS; H. Kolivand, Liverpool John Moores University; R. Tewari, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; R.M. Johar, PETRONAS; Z. Awang @ Mohamed, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; I. Salleh, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21769
    Corrosion Resistance and Durability Performance of Graphene-Modified Epoxy Glass Flake Paint for Offshore Structure Application
    M. Samsudin, N. Aba, A. Mohammed Nor, M. Zakaria, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21337
    Modelling of Deep Polymer Gel Conformance Treatments Using Machine Learning
    M.A. Alghazal, Saudi Aramco PE&D; T. Ertekin, Pennsylvania State U.
  • 1545-1615 21445
    Research And Application Of Segmented Acid Fracturing Technology In Horizontal Wells Of Ultra Deep Carbonate Gas Reservoirs In Southwest China
    Y. Wang, C. Zhou, H. Zhang, T. He, X. Tang, Engineering Technology Research Inst., PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co.; H. Peng, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co.; H. Fang, Engineering Technology Research Inst., PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co.; L. Luo, Northwest Sichuan Division of PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company; S. Gang, Engineering Technology Research Inst., PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co.
  • 1545-1615 21325
    Low Cost Well Innovative For Slim Hole Application In East Malaysia Marginal Fields
    M. M Yusof, M.Z. Sulaiman, M.F. A Bakar, F.S. Alwi, F.A. Muslim, O. Fabian, S.M. Bela, S. Abdul Ghani, Petronas
  • 1545-1615 21301
    A Breakthrough Approach To Solve Shallow Gas Hazard In Carbon Dioxide Corrosive Wells
    Y. Li, S. Mohammad, W. Ai, COSL; A. Kumar, C. Lau, O. Hun, M. Thuzar, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd; G. Qiu, Z. Duan, A. MAHAIYUDIN, Z. Wang, Y. LUO, X. Xiang, B. Yu, K. Chua, H. Zhang, C. Ma, G. Fang, COSL
  • 1545-1615 21236
    Optimising Well Times through Drilling Connection Practices
    F.B. Mohd Mazlan, A. Ahmad Redzuan, M.I. Amiruddin, A. Ramli, P. Slagel, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Mondali, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
  • 1545-1615 21775
    Case History: Coring in ERD Well with Collision Risk Challenge and Optimization of Coring Parameters Based on Previous Coring Jobs in Carbonate Formation Alleviated Core Recovery
    R.S. Kamble, Baker Hughes; Y.A. Kassem, ADNOC Offshore; K. Indulkar, K. Price, M. Mohammed A, K. Abid, Baker Hughes; M. Ahmed, ADNOC Offshore
  • 1545-1615 21197
    Surface Casing Cum Production Casing Well Design: Extreme But Techno-economically Acceptable Approach
    M. M Yusof, R. A Halim, N. Ahmad Fauzi, A. Sella Thurai, M. Khalid, A. Omar, M. Sulaiman, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21798
    Engineered High-Performance Lightweight Thixotropic Lost Circulation Solution For Vugular And Natural Fractured Formations UAE Case History
    T.Z. Phyoe, J.M. Salazar, E.H. Albuja, S. Kapoor, M.W. Orfali, K. Kondo, M. Sajid, G.G. Rahhal, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21173
    Connecting the Dots: Drill Bits Evolution In Lump-sum Turnkey Project Delivers Up To 70-percent ROP Improvement
    S. Zahoor Ullah, A. Ruzhnikov, S. Siddik, M. Sizov, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21820
    Creative And Collaborative Engineering Delivers The Fastest Well In An Upper Miocene Reservoir, Shallow Water Field In The Gulf Of Mexico
    G. Caballero, R. Kandasamy, O. Vilchez, L. Larrea, F. Santarini, C.M. Padilla, A. Cordova, J.A. Ballesteros Avellan, Schlumberger Mexico
  • 1545-1615 21258
    A Compelling Case: Time To Change Minimum Curvature Survey Method For Well Engineering Calculations
    R. Samuel, Halliburton
  • 1545-1615 21168
    Operational Readiness Case Study For Accessibility And Mobility Of Wells Real Time Centre System And Applications During Movement Control Order
    R.B. Hamid, M. Meor Hashim, L. Norhashimi, M. Arriffin, A. Bin Mohamad, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21209
    An Innovative Approach Of Using Engineering Modelling To Improve Drilling Dynamics In Western Rajasthan, India
    S. Prakash, M. Zayyan, Schlumberger Asia Services; O.J. Gjertsen, Schlumberger; M.C. Acuna, P.K. Kulshreshtha, P.K. Tewari, A. Sharma, Schlumberger Asia Services; G. Alexander, N. Nik Mohd Najmi, A. Wares, Schlumberger; S. Nikalje, Schlumberger Asia Services
  • 1545-1615 21310
    Implementation Of Multistack Sand Exclusion Methodology In Extremely Unconsolidated Well: Learnings From Marginal Daman Field, Western Offshore India
    R.M. Patil, P.V. Murthy, ONGC; K. Bhatia, M. Deshpande, K. Pande, Halliburton
  • 1545-1615 21783
    World First Extension Pack With 7” Enhanced Single Trip Multi Zone System: Success Case And Learning Points On The Installation And Treatment Design
    S.M. Bela, A. Ahmad Mahdzan, N.H. Abdul Rashid, Z. Abdul Kadir, A. Abu Bakar, Z.H. Kamarudzaman, W. W Hasan, M. Mohd Nor, M. Mohd Aziss, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; K. Tham, S. Arumugan, S. Hashim, A. Balasandran, Halliburton
  • 1545-1615 21302
    Application Of Innovative Extended Reach Well Operation Technology In Nanhai East
    Q. Zhang, W. Zhang, S. Qin, Y. Wei, B. Tian, Y. Jin, CNOOC
  • 1545-1615 21450
    Multiphase Flow Loop Testing Of Autonomous Inflow Control Valve For Light Oil
    S. Taghavi, I. Mohd Ismail, H. Aakre, V. Mathiesen, InflowControl
  • 1545-1615 21307
    Rotary Steerable System Design Optimisation With Roller Reamers Prevents Stuck Pipe Events
    A.S. Yadav, Weatherford; O.K. Abdelazeem, Weatherford International Ltd.; M. Chebab, Weatherford; A. Shata, Kuwait Oil Co.; A. Al-Othman, M. Al-Mulaify, KOC
  • 1545-1615 21478
    Real-Time Quantification Of Offshore Oil Spills And Environmental Damage During Blow-out Accident
    S. Chandra, Bandung Inst. of Technology; F.M. Sajjad, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ
  • 1545-1615 21355
    Successful Cwd Campaign In Turnkey Project With Potential Utilisation For Well Construction Optimisation
    L.F. Champain, S. Zahoor Ullah, A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
  • 1545-1615 21342
    Ultrastrong And Catalyst-free Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Materials For “One-Run-to-TD” Game-changing Drilling Technology
    G. Zhan, C.P. Gooneratne, T.E. Moellendick, Saudi Aramco PE&D; D. He, Sichuan Uni; J. Xu, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A. Alalsayednassir, Saudi Aramco D & WO
  • 1545-1615 21180
    A Novel Fourble Land Rig And Its Application In Ultra Deep Well Drilling
    P. Chen, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited; J. Wang, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd.; M. Ding, China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company Ltd.; X. Yang, T. Zhou, Z. Zhong, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited
  • 1545-1615 21410
    Precise Bottom Hole Pressure Management To Reach Target Depth In A Narrow Windowed Ultra Hp-ht Well: A Case For Automated Managed Pressure Drilling
    A. Khalid, Q. Ashraf, K. Luqman, A. Hadj-Moussa, Weatherford International Ltd; A. Ghulam Nabi, U. Ahmed Baig, Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  • 1545-1615 21397
    Applications Of A Novel Lost Circulation Additive
    Q. Zhu, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21468
    Production Tubing Leak Repair Using Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe
    O.S. Oloruntobi, P.K. Chandran, M. Abu Bakar, N. Zulkarnain, H. A Rahman, D.P. Das, P.K. Tiwari, A. Yahaya, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21306
    Study And Application Of Pulse Hydraulic Fracturing For Tight Oil Reservoir
    H. Xu, H. Sun, Z. Wang, M. Zhang, J. Lan, B. Deng, Y. Li, CCDC Changqing Down Hole Technology Co., CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21189
    Advanced Completion Optimisation (ACO): A Comprehensive Workflow For Flow Control Devices
    M. Ahmed Elfeel, G. Goh, S. Biniwale, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21456
    Study On Nanoparticle Stabilised Emulsions For Chemical Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery
    Y. Zhu, RIPED, PetroChina; P. Yu, U. of Science and Technology, Beijing; J. Fan, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21292
    Full-waveform Inversion and Least-squares Migration to Improve Images in Northern Carnarvon Basin
    J. Yao, X. Li, K. Zhao, H. Zhang, CGG Service Australia
  • 1545-1615 21465
    Application of M4C P-wave and S-wave Joint Inversion in Shallow Reservoir Identification
    S. Zhu, H. Chen, Y. Hu, F. Yang, Y. Feng, Dagang Branch of BGP,CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21796
    Application of Sh S-Wave Data in Lithologic Trap Identification
    J. Guo, Z. Deng, J. Zhang, W. Tan, G. Chen, Q. Shi, Y. Wang, Q. Zhao, BGP, CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21153
    Analysis of the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Supply Chain Finance in the Natural Gas Industry
    J. Zhang, F. Wang, Research Inst. of Natural Gas Economy, PetroChina Southwest Southwest Oil and Gas Field Co.; Y. pu, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Well Test and Workover Co. Ltd.; P. Li, Gas Co. of Southwest Oil & Gasfield Co., PetroChina; Y. Ma, Z. Li, Research Inst. of Natural Gas Economy, PetroChina Southwest Southwest Oil and Gas Field Co.
  • 1545-1615 21364
    Field Application of Deep Learning for Flow Rate Prediction with Downhole Temperature and Pressure
    F. Wang, Y. Zai, J. Zhao, S. Fang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21490
    Pore Pressure Estimation by Using Machine Learning Model
    P. Booncharoen, T. Rinsiri, P. Paiboon, S. Karnbanjob, S. Ackagosol, P. Chaiwan, O. Sapsomboon, Chevron Thailand E&P Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21356
    A Robust Method to Predict Fluid Properties Based on Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms
    Y. Liu, C. Chen, H. Zhao, Y. Wang, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd; X. Han, CNOOC Ltd and China University of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21157
    Application of Lightning Breakdown Simulation in Inversion of Induced Fracture Network Morphology in Stimulated Reservoirs
    H. Zhao, G. Sheng, L. Huang, X. Zhong, Yangtze U.; J. Fu, China U. of Petroleum (East China); Y. Zhou, J. Ma, J. Ruan, Yangtze U.; Z. Hu, Shenzhen Branch, China National Offshore Oil Corp.; S. Sun, Yangtze U.
  • 1545-1615 21491
    Modelling Condensate Banking Mitigation y Enhanced Gas Recovery Methods
    A. Mohsin, A. Abd, A.S. Abushaikha, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • 1545-1615 21344
    Study on Viscosity Retention of Polymer System and Its Application in a Bohai Oilfield
    B. Liu, B. Yue, W. Zhang, C. Chen, Z. Zhu, X. Song, Tianjin Branch, CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd.; H. Lv, Northeast Petroleum U.
  • 1545-1615 21262
    Carbonate Acidising Calculation Model Coupled with Dual-Fractal Wormhole
    H. Zhang, H. Zou, X. Yan, M. Cui, C. Liang, Y. Sun, H. Li, RIPED, PetroChina; X. Wang, Shengli College China U. of Petroleum
  • 1545-1615 21203
    Successful Integrated Production Optimisation from Multi-Zone Infill Wells Utilising First Application of Electrical Inflow Control Valve (ICV) in D-Field, Offshore Malaysia
    S. Kumar, A.A. Chandrakant, F. Bin Salleh, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A. Jamil, Z. Ibrahim, Baker Hughes; C.L. Chang, K. Chiew, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21218
    Pushing the Limits in Offshore Mexico
    H.H. Vizcarra, A. Ngan, Weatherford; R. Pineda, J.C. Gomez, PEMEX; J.A. Becerra, Weatherford
  • 1545-1615 21782
    One Trip 7” Multi Zone Gravel Pack System: Success Case and Learning Points from the First Installation in Malaysia
    M. Nordin, PETRONAS; A. Jamal, M. Hairi, S. Magna Bela, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21329
    Overview the 5 Years Experience of Intelligent Separate-layer Injection Technology in B Offshore Oilfield
    Y. Liu, Z. Chen, X. Meng, Z. Zhang, J. Zou, L. Zhang, F. Lan, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21791
    Single-Trip Completion as a Catalyst for Brownfield Rejuvenation: A Case Study from Offshore Peninsular Malaysia
    A. Masngot, I. Jamaludin, N. M Garib, T. Tengku Yahya, H. Ghazali, M. Ahmad, M. Mohd Diah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; I. Coates, Weatherford
  • 1545-1615 21347
    Optimising Big Bore Gas Well Completion Design in a Carbonate Field
    M.L. Yeow, Mubadala Petroleum
  • 1545-1615 21808
    Testing And Qualification Of Coated Textile Materials For Subsea Storage
    Y.L. Leong, I.A. Razak, M.B. Dindi, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; X. Jing, Y. Liu, L. Xu, A. Azlin, H. Huang, Simflexi Sdn. Bhd.; Z. Ahamid, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21464
    Assessing the Impact of Shallow Gas Hydrate Dissociation on Structural Integrity in Deepwater Wells
    P. Suryanarayana, M. Bogdanovic, Blade Energy; K. Thavaras Pathy, M. Paimin, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21288
    Near-critical Reservoir Fluid Mixture Identification and Phase Behaviour
    R. Ling, M. Hussain, A. Razak, A. Ashqar, J. Jamaluddin, M. Karim, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21257
    The Simulation and Pilot Application of Low Salinity Water Flooding for Offshore Low Permeability Reservoir
    H. Shi, Y. Liu, Y. He, W. Xu, CNOOC
  • 1545-1615 21810
    Evaluation and Optimisation of Adsorption Reduction Strategies on Chemical EOR Economics
    N. Wartenberg, M. Kerdraon, M. Salaun, Solvay - The EOR Alliance; L. Brunet-Errard, C. Fejean, D. Rousseau, IFPEN - The EOR Alliance
  • 1545-1615 21498
    Experimental Study on Direct Current Voltage Assisted Carbonated Water-Flooding Mechanism in Tight Oil Reservoir
    R. Chai, Y. Liu, Y. He, China U. of Petroleum; Q. Liu, The U. of Texas at Austin; W. Gu, China National Offshore Oil Corp. Research Inst.
  • 1545-1615 21381
    A New Hybrid Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) Process Using Smart Water Assisted Foam (SWAF) Flooding in Carbonate Rocks; A Laboratory Study Approach
    A.M. Hassan, M.A. Ayoub, M. Eissa, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; H. Bruining, Delft U. of Technology; A. Almansour, A. Al-Quraishi, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
  • 1545-1615 21206
    An Innovative Deployment Technique to Optimise Logging Conveyance and Improve Data Quality
    M. Larbi Zeghlache, H. Ida, Saudi Aramco; A. Benslimani, Schlumberger; R. Thatha, Petromac Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21215
    An Innovative Approach to Integrated Fluid Typing in Depleted Reservoirs
    A. Ramli, A. Ashqar, A. Karim, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21446
    Coring Not Boring
    A. Ashqar, A. Razak, N. Ramly, A. Dahlan, J. Jamaluddin, M. Karim, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21319
    Inversion of Reservoir Parameters by Ultra-High Temperature and High Pressure CO2 Gas Reservoirs with Nuclear Logging
    H. Zhang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; CNOOC China Ltd.; L. Xiao, W. Wu, X. Fu, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; S. He, CNOOC China Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21272
    Investigation on Insulated Tubing Corrosion in Nanbu 35-2 Multi-Thermal Fluid Project
    T. Hao, L. Zhong, C. Wang, T. Zhu, J. Liu, H. Sun, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21454
    Completion Design and Optimisation to Assure Flow in Gas Wells Life Cycle
    F. Mehran, Independent; P. Shukla, S. Pandey, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21343
    Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Combined with Under-deposit Corrosion Mechanism and Control Technology in Water Injection Wells of Middle East Carbonate Oilfield
    Z. Ye, RIPED, PetroChina; H. Chi, Al-Waha Petroleum Co., Ltd.; X. Zhou, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Yang, Safetech Research Inst. (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; W. Jiang, RIPED, PetroChina; W. Li, Safetech Research Inst. (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Z. Qiu, X. Cui, G. Chen, RIPED, PetroChina; X. Wang, Safetech Research Inst. (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21787
    Research and Application of Compound Plugging Removal Technology in HPHT Condensate Gas Well
    H. Wu, K. Huang, J. Liu, B. Zhang, J. Liu, C. Kong, J. Shen, L. Chen, S. Tang, D. Chen, Z. Tu, Z. Li, Tarim Oilfield Company of CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21380
    Feasibility Study on Optimisation of Material Selection for High Temperature Sour Gas Producer
    M. Nordin, M. Moh Wahi, A. Sashidharan, N. A Karim, A. Ramli, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21477
    Successful Deployment of 15Cr OCTG CRA Injection Tubing in Immiscible Water-Alternating-Gas (iWAG) Wells: First in the World
    M.F. Ijaz, S.M. James Berok, H. Sinanan, M. Suratman, O. Fabian, M.B. Mohammad, PETRONAS; M. Johari, Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21204
    Effect of Reservoir Depletion on Cement Bond Logs
    Q.V. Nguyen, A.T. Duong, Schlumberger; A.C. Ang, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21804
    Improving Cement-to-Pipe Bonding Evaluation on Coated Casing
    B.A. Lumankun, D. Adiningtyas, C. Azwar, A.E. Osman, Schlumberger; R. Hartanto, Ex Schlumberger Employee; E. Tanjung, Premier Oil Indonesia; S.F. Abdila, SKK MIGAS
  • 1545-1615 21256
    Advanced Work Packaging: The Next Generation Planning Approach
    R. Yee, Hexagon PPM
  • 1545-1615 21444
    Multiplier Effects of Successful Projects: Replicable Solutions of Betty Redevelopment CSU
    M.A. Shatiry, Z. Ishak, H.A. Kader Ibrahim, T. Sk A Aziz, M. Mohamed, M. Teh, M. Basri, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21793
    Concept + 2.0 the Revolution of Small and Marginal Fields
    N. Mohd Azmi, N. Nordin, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21226
    Holistic Network Modelling for Debottlenecking of a Highly Integrated and Complex System for Optimising Hydrocarbon Evacuation
    F.K. Tan, S.S. Kulkarni, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21788
    Water Injection Operation Readiness of BB Field Redevelopment
    S. Hadi, M.J. Hoodi, S. Ting, S.T. Dana, S.M. Atet, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21797
    Integration of 3D Geological Modelling and Fault Seal Analysis for Pore Pressure Characterisation of a High Pressure and High Temperature Exploration Well in Nam Con Son Basin, a Case Study Offshore Vietnam
    S.T. Nguyen, T.N. Nguyen, H.T. Tran, Q.A. Ngo, BIENDONG POC
  • 1545-1615 21263
    A New Method to Reproducing Rock Samples with Rough Surface for Testing Conductivity — A Case Study on Shale Propped Fractures
    C. Chen, S. Wang, C. Lu, K. Wang, J. Lai, Y. Liu, Southwest Petroleum U.
  • 1545-1615 21216
    Integrated Reservoir Geomechanics Approach for Reservoir Management
    V.Y. Hon, M.F. Mat Piah, N.A. Mohd Fauzi, PETRONAS; P.M. Schutjens, B. Agarwal, R.R. Harris, Shell
  • 1545-1615 21366
    Robust Dynamic Toolface Calculation for Automatic Steering Control with Rotary Steerable Systems Under Extreme Conditions
    G. Ramakrishnan, N. Demirer, J. Tilley, Halliburton
  • 1545-1615 21778
    Automation and Digitisation Technologies Value Estimation Methodology: A Deepwater Well Construction Case
    J.D. Telles, R. Kandasamy, R. Gallo, J. Camacho, H.A. Costeno Enriquez, J.E. Mejias, F.J. Alvarez, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21781
    A Business Case for Drilling Automation: Well Cost Compression by Suppressing Downhole Tool Failure in Low Oil Market
    D. Kusumawardhani, PETRONAS Carigali Indonesia Operations
  • 1545-1615 21799
    Effectiveness of Dynamic Response Spectroscopy and Microwave Inspection Technology for Substrate Pipe and Composite Wraps
    R. Ahmed, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S.H. Bt Ramli, F.B. A Aziz, R.B. Arifin, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21448
    Operations Readiness and Assurance (OR&A) on Pipeline Transient Analysis at A Floating Storage & Offloading (FSO) to Cater for Field-A Gas Production
    N.S. Mahmud, J.J. Kuanji, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21427
    Single-Pile Offshore Structures as a Cost-Effective Alternative to Small Fixed Platforms in Shallow Water
    P.K. Chatterjee, Dragon Oil Holdings Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21177
    Real-time Down-hole Monitoring of Gas Injection Profile Using Fibre-Optic Distribute Temperature and Acoustic Sensing in Tarim
    D. Chen, K. Huang, X. Meng, J. Liu, B. Zhang, T. Sun, J. Shen, J. Wei, H. Wu, Q. Teng, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company
  • 1545-1615 21415
    The Application of the Multi Component Thermal Fluid Huff and Puff Technology to Daqing Heavy Oil Block
    X. Wang, X. Liu, B. Li, Q. Yin, Z. Han, J. Li, K. Liu, H. Wang, G. Sun, J. Meng, J. Wang, Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd., CNPC
  • 1545-1615 21401
    Research And Application Of Novel Bridge Concentric Zonal Water Injection Technology
    Y. Liu, X. Wang, Z. Song, X. Gai, X. Lai, S. Hu, H. Yang, H. Zhang, Dagang Oilfield Company, PetroChina
  • 1545-1615 21282
    Prevent Barite Static Sag of Oil-Based Completion Fluid In Ultra-Deep Wells
    J. Wang, J. Zhang, L. Yan, R. Cheng, X. Ni, H. Yang, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21780
    Design and Implementation of a Water-Based Micronised Weighting Agent Fluid System for Deepwater Drill Stem Testing Operation in Environmentally Restricted Location
    M.D. Motta, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Co.; S.A. Loureiro, Petrobras
  • 1545-1615 21776
    Cementing Solution for Monobore Challenges
    G.T. Loh, A.T. Duong, W. Chong, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21314
    Innovative and Unconventional Approach to Cementing a Ballooning Well Leading to Good Zonal Isolation
    L. Devadass, A. Kishore Kumar, C. Lau, M. Thuzar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; T. Sior Ban, R. Lo, Baker Hughes
  • 1545-1615 21499
    Systematic Solutions in Seismic Imaging and the Understanding of Carbonate Platforms Internal Architecture: Pushing the Limits of Deeper Exploration Opportunities
    R. Alai, A. Mokhtar, N.N. Abd Rahman, C.L. Slind, E. Andersen, L.H. Piccoli, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21254
    Revitalising Seismic Beyond Geometry Limitations: A Case Study of OBN Survey in Offshore Sabah
    L. Ngo, W. Cheah, A. Sazykin, G. Menzel-Jones, J. Wong, E. Hooi, Schlumberger; A.B. Muhamad, I. M Supardy, M. B Hashim, M. B Mokhtar, W. Tee, P. Shankar Das, I. Bahadon, M. Harun, L. Jeevachandran, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21233
    Pre-Stack Depth Migration of High Resolution Distributed Acoustic Sensing VSP
    H. Rusmanugroho, M. Jaya, M. Zahir, M. Rahim, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21156
    The Black Sea, the Latest New Exploration Frontiers in Europe: Preliminary Results of an Escape Tectonics
    Z.H. Hasnan, A. Ayub, M. Ismail, M. Harris, S. Chin, S. Syed Khastudin, N. C Mansor, T. Tengku Hassan, N. Ahmad Sharif, X. Legrand, PETRONAS Upstream
  • 1545-1615 21279
    Dissolution Facies Window Identification of Carbonate Gas Reservoir by Using Electrical Image Logs: A Case Study from Sichuan Basin
    B. Xie, Q. Lai, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Co.; J. Mo, Schlumberger; L. Bai, W. Luo, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Co.; D. Wang, Y. Wang, K. Li, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21192
    The Model of Sandbody Controlled by Dynamic Provenance System and Its Exploration Significance in Superposition Area of Strike-Slip and Extension Stress in the South of Bohai Sea
    Z. Huang, B. Yang, G. Li, J. Ren, X. Wang, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21234
    Full-Scale Fracture System Analysis of Shale Reservoir and Its Petroleum Significance
    X. Shi, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Co.; Y. Tong, Schlumberger China; W. Liu, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Co.; C. Zhao, Schlumberger China; J. Liu, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Co.; J. Fang, CCDC Geological E&D Research Inst.
  • 1545-1615 21819
    Experimental Study on Water Imbibition Law of Longmaxi Formation Shale in the Sichuan Basin
    L. Tao, Oil and Gas Technology Research Inst. Changqing Oilfield Co., Petrochina Co. Ltd.; Y. Zhao, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum U.,China; X. Zhang, Oil and Gas Technology Research Inst. Changqing Oilfield Co., Petrochina Co. Ltd., China; Y. Wang, Development Department,Changqing Oilfield Co.,Petrochina; H. Feng, Sichuan Yuesheng Oil and Gas Field Technical Service Co., Ltd. Changqing Branch; Z. Zhao, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum U.,China
  • 1545-1615 21261
    Wellbore Shielding Technique Increases Operative Window, Avoiding Formation Instability and Losses, Minimising NPT, and Optimising Drilling Operations in the Unconventional Plays
    G.E. Lopez, G. Vidal, YPF; A.C. Hedegaard, R. Maldonado, Impact Fluids Solutions
  • 1545-1615 21826
    Mechanism And Prevention Method Of Producing Hydrogen Sulfide In High Temperature Hydraulic Fracturing Well
    Z. Yuan, X. Wang, L. Zhou, H. Liu, L. Xu, Y. Jin, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.
  • 1545-1615 21163
    Novel Technology for Sand Management at Ageing Field: Cost Optimisation of Offshore Sand Handling and Disposal
    M. Che Daud, S. Shaffee, M. Myo Thant, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21158
    Development of Plasma Sprayed Coatings to Improve the Erosion Resistance of Wire Wrapped Screens
    L. Ochmann, M. Amro, TU Bergakademie Freiberg; B. Gronde, G. Fischer, Fraunhofer IKTS Hermsdorf; S. Weber, con-slot SCREENS GmbH; D. Martin, MUW SCREENTEC GmbH
  • 1545-1615 21855
    Design, Testing and Field Deployment of an Online Sand Sampling and Particle Size Analysis Package
    J.L. Ambrose, A. Mackie, J.Y. Lee, SMS Oilfield; O.C. Bibic, M. Abdul Rahim, N.S. Nik Khansani, M. Hassan, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21851
    Unlocking the True Value of Permanent Acoustic Sensors via Integration in a Digital Field as a Proactive Method of Sand Monitoring in Gas Wells
    Q. Lee, W. Yeap, S. Sidek, H. Abdul Rahman, S. Kunasekaran, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; J.L. Ambrose, A. Mackie, A. Abdul Malek, SMS Sand Management Services
  • 1545-1615 21440
    First Successful Installation of Through-Tubing Ceramic Sand Screen in Seligi Oil Field, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia
    M.B. Kadir, M. Rusli, B. Samsudin, S. Rahman, S. Norizan, T. Wee, M. Mohd Johan, S. Zayani, EnQuest; M. Roslan, K. Mahadi, M. Salleh, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21175
    Closed Loop Data Analytics for Well Construction Management in Real Time Centre
    A. Rosli, W. Jin, B. Richard, M. Meor Hashim, M. Arriffin, A. Mohamad, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21299
    Drilling in the Digital Age: Machine Learning Assisted Bit Selection and Optimisation
    P. Batruny, H. Zubir, P.S. Slagel, H. Yahya, Z. Zakaria, A. Ahmed, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21259
    Wait on Weather (WoW) Impact Trending in Malaysia Water: Comprehensive Data Analytics Led to Safe and Optimum Well Planning and Offshore Execution
    R. A Halim, M. Mhd Yusof, M. M Khalid, W. Hao Xiang, M.Z. Sulaiman, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21492
    Smart Facility Advanced Separator
    S. Watcharasing, S. Lamsunthia, PTTEP; Y. Phuphuak, Naresuan U.; A. Malatip, Y. Pratumwal, National Metal and Materials Technology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency; P. Kiattikomol, PTTEP
  • 1545-1615 21854
    An Impedance Sensor of Water Cut with Three Electrodes and Relative Analysis on Experiment Results
    C. Yu, Q. Yang, S. Wei, M. Li, T. Fu, RIPED, PetroChina
  • 1545-1615 21217
    Application Research of Engineering Construction Standardisation in an Oilfield Development Adjusting Project in Bohai Sea
    P. Lu, Y. Wan, Z. Qu, Y. Huang, N. Tang, W. Wang, Bohai Oilfield Research Institute, Tianjin Branch, CNOOC China Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21435
    Maximising the Value of Multi-Sensor Streamer Data via MAZ Processing
    H. Zhang, J. Yao, X. Li, K. Zhao, CGG
  • 1545-1615 21459
    Co-Processing: Where Classic Meets Modern - A Case Study from Offshore Peninsular Malaysia
    M.N. M. Isa, T.W. Hoong, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; C.H. Lim, D.W. Ang, Vestigo Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21333
    Enhancing Multi Survey Merging Technic of Marine Towed Streamer Data on Post Migration Data Workflow: A Shallow Water Malaysia Basin Case Study
    C. Wong, S. Mishra, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21352
    A Model-Driven Deep Learning Approach to Seismic Data Deblending
    W. Hu, Advanced Geophysical Technology, Inc.; S. Wang, X. Wu, J. Chen, U. of Houston
  • 1545-1615 21201
    First Successful Application of Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) System in Dual Strings in B Field Applying Lessons Learnt from its First Pilot Application in Different Field in Same Offshore Malaysia.
    S. Kumar, M.S. Ismail, N. Salleh, A. Amsidom, M. M Ghazali, M. Rozlan, M. Karim, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21388
    Successful Application of Rigless Fully Retrievable ESP System in Bohai Offshore Oilfield, China
    B. Shang, J. Li, T. Fang, F. Yu, CNOOC Ltd, Tianjin Branch; X. Han, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing and CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21412
    Automated Selection of Completion Interval Workflow Using Python Script for Probabilistic Range of EUR in a Greenfield Development
    E.E. Chong, Petrofac Malaysia Ltd.; D.S. Ong, Rock Flow Dynamics LLC
  • 1545-1615 21240
    Distribution of Volcanic Rocks Porosity of Dissected Kromong Paleovolcano: Analogue of Volcanic Reservoir
    I.F. Hadiyanto, Jenderal Soedirman U.; D. Hanifah, Vrije U. Brussels – U. Gent – U. Antwerpen; W.N. Hamzah, Bandung Inst. of Technology
  • 1545-1615 21389
    Application of Multi-Information Fusion Fracture Modelling Based on Neural Network in Carbonate Dual: Medium Reservoir
    L. Dan, C. Shi, CNOOC Energy Technology - Drilling & Production Co.; J. Wen, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch; Y. Hu, L. Wei, Y. Li, J. Zhang, CNOOC Energy Technology - Drilling & Production Co.
  • 1545-1615 21443
    Four-Dimensional Geological Modelling of Stress-Sensitive Reservoirs of Abnormally High-Pressure Carbonates
    Y. Chen, K. Li, J. Ni, Q. Hou, RIPED, PetroChina
  • 1545-1615 21470
    Agile Response Aimed at Unprecedented Situation of Truncated Gas Demand via Holistic Network Modelling of Complex Integrated Facilities for Value Maximisation
    S.S. Kulkarni, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21425
    Data-Driven Multi-Asset Optimisation under Uncertainty: A Case Study Using the New Indonesia’s Fiscal Policy
    F.M. Sajjad, J. Jaenudin, Pertamina Hulu Energi; S. Chandra, Bandung Inst. of Tech.; A.D. Wirawan, A. Prawesti, M. Muksin, W. Nugroho, E. Mujib, S. Naja, Pertamina Hulu Energi
  • 1545-1615 21841
    Minimising Torsional Vibration Due to Stick Slip Using Z Technology for Drilling Energy Efficiency in Multiple Hard Stringers Field in Offshore Malaysia
    M. Nordin, L. Looi, P. Slagel, M. Othman, A. M Affandi, M. Zurhan, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21430
    Deepwater Subsea BOP Technological and Reliability Advancement
    M.S. Picha, T.F. Abdullah, A. Rai, S. Sinha, P.A. Patil, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21483
    Predictive Modelling of CO2 Injectivity Impairment due to Salt Precipitation and Fines Migration During Sequestration
    M. Md Yusof, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; M. Ibrahim, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; M. Mohamed, N. Md Akhir, I. M Saaid, M. Ziaudin Ahamed, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; A. Idris, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; A. Awangku Matali, Vestigo Petroleum
  • 1545-1615 21859
    Integrated Coupled Modelling Study to Assess CO2 Sequestration Potential in a Depleted Gas Field
    A. Azahree, F. Jaafar Azuddin, S. Mohd Ali, M.H. Yakup, M. Mustafa, A. Widyanita, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; R. Kalita, PETRONAS Center of Excellence (COE)
  • 1545-1615 21474
    Making Things Right in Development and Management of Highly Contaminated Giant Carbonate Gas Field and Returning the CO2 to Subsurface Sequestration
    R.D. Tewari, M.F. Sedaralit, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21406
    Improving the Stratigraphic Concept of Channel Complex Reservoir of a Brown Field: A Case Study in Field A
    I. Dzulkifli, A. M Yusoff, A. Basri, I. Jamaludin, M. Muhammad Som, M. M Akram, M. Mohd Diah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21866
    Pulling the Production: A New Way of Looking into Brown Field Reservoirs
    A. Ghosh, J. Zacharia, V. Kumar, Schlumberger; R. S. Chauhan, R. Santhosh Kumar, A. Sharma, ONGC Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21205
    Digital Transformation of Borehole Sonic Services in the Oil and Gas Industry
    J.A. Donald, E. Wielemaker, E.I. Velez, L. Liang, T. Lei, M.P. Blyth, R. Prioul, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21493
    Machine Learning as Accelerating Tool in Remote Operation Realisation through Monitoring Oil and Gas Equipment(s) and Identifying Its Failure Mode
    A.N. Che Abas, S. Samy, N. Hashim, Z. Muhammad, E. Daud, A. Ali, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Hilmi, I. Izzatdin, J. Jafreezal, N. Norshakirah, E. Emelia, K. Amirul, H. Hajar, A. Wahyu, N. Syakirah, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21833
    Digitalising Surveillance Grasping New Approach for Enhanced Field Monitoring
    M. Zakaria, M. M Adib, F. Ragbirsingh, M. M Zahari, R. Bakar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21409
    iG@P, Our Single Online Technology Crowdsourcing Platform
    F. Nik Abdul Aziz, K. Abdul Hamid, M. Matlasa, M. Hasan, D. Supparamaniam, M. Omar, I. Omar, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21161
    A Robust Artificial Intelligence Method for Predicting Performance of Offshore Oilfield in High Water Cut Period Based on Big Data
    K. Ma, C. Chen, W. Zhang, B. Liu, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd; X. Han, CNOOC Ltd. and China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21227
    Diagnosis of the Concentration of the Colombian Upstream Market Sector and Proposals for Increased Competitiveness
    E.J. Orozco Cera, Independent Consultant - Energy Economics; M.A. Legarda Zuñiga, Independent Consultant - Legal Advisor; J.D. Medina Rueda, Independent Consultant - Productive Hydrocarbon Chains
  • 1545-1615 21186
    Acceleration of New Technology Qualification and Deployment for Sand Level Measurement in Production Vessels
    M.M. Myo Thant, M.F. Che Daud, S.N. Shaffee, K.K. Chua, PETRONAS; A. Nissinen, J. Hartikainen, P. Laakkonen, ROCSOLE Ltd.; A. Li, CVG Technology Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21829
    Malaysia Integrated Rig Sequence: The Benefits and Challenges
    A.B. Abd Wahab, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S. Mohd Ramli, PETRONAS; L. Long Mohd Noor Affendi, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Heong, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21863
    Strategic Value Framing for Brownfield Redevelopment
    N. Ab Razak, N. Kerya, M.S. Hendrawati, S.S. Nordin, N. Abd Rahman, P. Strobech, A. Amsidom, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; Y. Ho, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21418
    A Client’s Fit for Purpose Solutions in Well Abandonment
    Y. Yap, A. Kumar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21831
    Application of Enhanced Asset Value Framing (AVF) Approach to Unlock Significant Potential Value in Highly Compartmentalised and Stacked Reservoirs
    Y.H. Ho, R.S. Guillory, A.K. Sinha, R. Din, R. Ranjan, R. Masoudi, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21398
    Redefining Technical Limit: Managed Pressure Directional Drilling Solution in Mexico Homol Field
    S. Perez, PEMEX; H.H. Vizcarra, A. Ngan, E.A. Garcia Gil, Weatherford; J. Basto, PERFOLAT
  • 1545-1615 21823
    Boosting Up for Brown Field Oil with Well Placement and Drilling Engineering Synergy
    N. Azmi, R. Rahman, E. Shaibudin, J. Lew, D. Chew, Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Ltd.; K. Alang, M.A. Zaba, M. Mustapa, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21858
    Successful Collision Risk Management with Realtime Advanced Survey Correction in a Challenging Horizontal Well
    T. Tongkum, K. Siritheerasas, F.A. Jafar, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd.; P.D. Trinh, P.N. Hieu, Schlumberger
  • 1545-1615 21405
    Navigating The Depleted Fracture Gradient Duringoperations: From Concept To Drilling, Open Hole Fit Management & Cementing
    G. O'Reilly, Sabah Shell Petroleum Co.; A.W. Chan, Sarawak Shell Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21165
    Salt Drilling: The State of the Art
    S. Campbell, R. Bueno, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S. Eren, Türkiye Petrolleri A.O.; M. Abdullah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21251
    See the Unseen through Target-Oriented Dip-Steered Seismic Resolution
    M. Sajid, A. Ghazali, PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21386
    Factors Controlling Porosity Permeability Relationship for Reservoir Quality Prediction: A Case Study of Malay Basin Reservoir, Malaysia
    F.H. Kasim, B.P. Kantaatmadja, W. Zainudin, A. Ali, H.H. Ismail, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; N.A. Siddiqui, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
  • 1545-1615 21442
    Buried Strike-Slip Fault Identification Technique Based on a 3D Stress Body Attribute Considering Formation Deformation and Lithologic Variation
    W. Wang, K. Wu, L. Kang, X. Huang, J. Yao, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21155
    A Solution for Mechanical Isolation Volume Refracturing in Ultra-Low Permeability Horizontal Wells: A Case Study in Ordos Basin
    Z. Wang, Z. Liu, J. Gui , H. Yang, Y. Ren, X. Meng, Oil & Gas Technology Research Inst. of Changqing Oilfield Co., CNPC; NELLP
  • 1545-1615 21185
    First Attempt of Injection-Production Integrated Technology for Steam Stimulation in Bohai Bay, China
    J. Bai, F. Yu, Z. Jiang, Y. Li, B. Shang, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch; M. Yan, Northeast Petroleum U.
  • 1545-1615 21428
    Integrating PVT, Stable Isotope and Biomarker Geochemistry and Pressure Data to Characterise the Continuity of a Geologically Complex Gas Condensate Reservoir
    S. Bestman, B.I. Ghassal, A.Z. Attar, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A.H. Kabir, Independent Consultant
  • 1545-1615 21835
    Study on Ultimate Recovery Factor and Oil Recovery Rate of Water-Flooded Sandstone Oil Fields in Eastern South China Sea
    Q. Xiong, Z. Yan, L. Li, Y. Yang, Y. Wang, X. Chen, CNOOC Ltd. Shenzhen
  • 1545-1615 21241
    Prediction of Shut-In Bottom-Hole Pressure from Wellhead Pressure Considering Transient Behaviour of Hydrostatic Pressure Loss during Shut-In
    S. Maki, INPEX
  • 1545-1615 21840
    Research on the Law of Liquid Production Index of Bohai Typical Oilfield Based on Big Data
    B. Yue, B. Liu, H. Shi, F. Shi, W. Zhang, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1545-1615 21238
    Cable Thru Downhole Insert Safety Valve: A New Paradigm
    K. Kuswanto, O. Fabian, O.B. Samuel, M. Yaakub, H. Chua, Y.Y. Yin Ho, PETRONAS; M. Abdul Rahim, R. Zhafrael, Baker Hughes
  • 1545-1615 21834
    Application of Tubing Stem Test as Alternative Low-Cost Solution for Dynamic Reservoir Evaluation: Case Study from Appraisal Well in Offshore Malaysia
    A. Naharindra, M. Abd Hamid, A. A Halim, S. Muhammad Afandi, W. W Ibrahim, A. Ismail, N. Abu Bakar, S. Sidek, Z. M Ghazali, M. Zakariyah, K. Tan, M. Md Noor, M. Watson, O. Samuel Balbir, M. Anuar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21324
    World Longest Single-Trip Multizone Cased Hole Gravel Packing with Alternate Path Shunt Tubes
    P. Chin, N. Moses, Schlumberger; A. Ahmad Mahdzan, A. Abu Bakar, M. M Nor, M. Bin Mohd Aziss, N.H. Abdul Rashid, S. Bela, W. W Hasan, Z. A Kadir, Z.H. Kamarudzaman, PETRONAS; S. Hashim, S. Shahabuddin, Halliburton
  • 1545-1615 21303
    Flowback Stimulation of Frac Fluid in Tight Oil Reservoirs through Supercritical Condition
    Y. Li, Y. Ai, H. Li, M. Chen, Southwest Petroleum U.
  • 1545-1615 21463
    Enhanced Surface Seismic Data Processing Using Simultaneous Acquired DAS-VSP Data
    G. Yu, BGP Inc.; J. Wu, Y. Chen, X.M. Wang, Optical Science and Technology (Chengdu) Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21162
    The Role of Fossil Fuels in a Hydrogen Economy
    H.C. Lau, National U. of Singapore
  • 1545-1615 21176
    Determination the Levels of Thief Zones Based on Machine Learning
    C. Lu, H. Jiang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; C. You, Pipe Network Corp. Eastern Oil Storage and Transportation Co. Ltd. Tianjin Oil Transportation Statio; F. Wang, F. Xu, J. Li, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21455
    Performance Improvement of Wells Augmented Stuck Pipe Indicator via Model Evaluations
    M. Meor Hashim, M. Yusoff @ Mohd Yusoff, M. Arriffin, A. Mohamad, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; T. Tengku Bidin, Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd; D. Gomes, Exebenus
  • 1545-1615 21274
    The Embedded Network of Sensors in Petroleum Industry
    A.R. Alalouni, A. Saeed, A.N. Sarraf, M. Arsalan, Saudi Aramco
  • 1545-1615 21399
    Peripheral Low Salinity Water Injection Handil Case Study
    J. Sianturi, B.S. Handoko, A. Suardiputra, R. Senoputra, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
  • 1545-1615 21291
    The Feasibility Appraisal for CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery of Tight Gas Reservoir: Case Analysis and Economic Evaluation
    J. Ying, Y. Shi, J. Yan, SINOPEC Exploration & Production Research Inst.
  • 1545-1615 21239
    Subsurface Back Allocation: Calculating Production and Injection Allocation by Layer in a Multilayered Waterflood Using a Combination of Machine Learning and Reservoir Physics
    J. Rafiee, C.M. Calad Serrano, P. Sarma, S. Plotno, F.A. Gutierrez, Tachyus
  • 1545-1615 21830
    Mass Transport and Exchange Inside Tight Matrix-Fracture Systems during CO2 Huff-n-Puff and Flooding Processes
    B. Wei, M. Zhong, Southwest Petroleum U.; H. Tang, Sichuan U.; L. Wang, K. Gao, Southwest Petroleum U.; J. Lu, The U. of Tulsa
  • 1545-1615 21309
    Experimental Investigation of CO2 Huff and Puff Process Based on Three-Dimensional Physical Models
    X. Tang, Y. Li, Z. Yu, M. Xu, R. Zhou, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1545-1615 21420
    A Dynamic Workflow of Well Health Issue Prediction: Sulfur Deposition
    B. Haq, King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals
  • 1545-1615 21183
    Redefining Fracpack for Sand and Fines Control Completion in 30 Years Old Producing Field
    J. Selladurai, C. Roh, A.A. Zeidan, S. Anand, B.B. Madon, A. Akbar Ali, E. Motaei, T.S. Murugesu, M. Othman, M. Ismail, S. Zain, N. Zamani, S. Bela, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1545-1615 21276
    Evolution of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations and Technology Applications in India
    R.R. Gondalia, A. Sharma, A. Shende, A.K. Jha, D. Choudhary, V. Gupta, V. Shetty, K. Bordeori, B. Gohain Barua, M. Singh, J. Zacharia, Schlumberger; J.S. Patil, Joshi Technologies Intl.; P. Murthy, S. Das, D. Mahawar, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
  • 1545-1615 21864
    Innovative Multiple-Zones Injector Completion Design in Unconsolidated Sand. A New Deployment Challenge in Highly Deviated Well in the Gulf of Thailand
    T. Khunmek, Mubadala Petroleum; K. Parrott, Tendeka; A. Rosli, Welltech
  • 1545-1615 21860
    Flowback Analysis Methodologies and Precipitation Risk during Siderite-Bearing Carbonate Acidising
    A. Albaiz, A.M. Almoajil, Saudi Aramco
  • 1545-1615 21372
    Novel Sample Pretreatment to Determine Iron Counts in Sour Glycol Streams by Spectrophotometer
    M.A. Mahmoud, A. Alsalman, H. AlMalki, Saudi Aramco
  • 1545-1615 21850
    Development and Application of Pseudo Ionic Liquid Sulfur Removal Agent Containing Nitrogen Heterocyclic in the South China Sea
    Z. Chang, Q. Qiao, L. Tie, China Oilfield Services Ltd.

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